Risk-Based Correction Action/Risk-Based Decision Making

IAV is uniquely qualified to bring you the following services::

  • RBCA and/or RBDM evaluations.  From Tier I through Tier III, we can help you identify relevant chemicals of concern, exposure pathways, potentially exposed populations and whether any of these are significant.  IAV supports a variety of state-specific RBCA programs.
  • Exposure Assessments - if NO incremental risk is the goal of your site, we can help you evaluate the site's on and off-site exposure potential.
  • Risk Assessments - find out if existing contaminant concentrations pose unacceptable risks to human health or the environment, either currently or in future land use scenarios.
  • Site-Specific Target Level Calculations - give us your physical site characteristics and surrounding receptor information, and we'll tell you what you can reasonably leave in the ground.  This may or may not fly with your local regulatory constabulary, but it may serve as a starting point for remedial strategies.



If a tree falls in the forest...

...if the groundwater is impacted, but there's nobody there to drink it...

Clearly, there are shades of gray to this argument. However, it does make sense to prioritize the application of resources to those problems with the highest level of urgency. RBCA/RBDM provides a scientifically supportable framework within which to decide where your priorities should lie.

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