The following are links to some PDF versions of papers and posters presented by IAV personnel and their colleagues over the last several years, along with some material we feel is of general interest.  Feel free to download as many as you would like....

  • FREE DOMENICO'S MODEL: A free Excel-based spreadsheet model generated by IAV which allows the simultaneous evaluation of up to12 solutes.  This is basically the same 1-D fate and transport equation (with 3-D dispersion attenuation) used in the popular BioScreen model, but without all the paging back and forth.  Plus it's free.  The spreadsheet comes with a fairly comprehensive chemical parameter (l and Koc) database for convenience.  It's a good screening model, easy to use, and in case we didn't make this clear, it's FREE.
  • Kramer & Douthit (2000): Gasoline/water mixing experiments using gasoline samples from five New Jersey service stations.  The study showed that TBA appears to be an original constituent of gasoline.
  • Kramer (2001):  A summary of Kramer & Douthit (2000), Kramer & Hayes (1987) along with additional analyses and discussion.
  • Douthit et al. (2002): An experimental study discounting the generation of TBA through acid hydrolysis of MTBE as a result of groundwater sample preservation.  Analyses were conducted using ambient-temperature purge techniques.
  • Marr et al. (2003):  A follow-up to Douthit et al. (2002), which further discounted the generation of TBA even under heated-purge analytical methods.
  • LustLine's (2003) summary of the acid hydrolysis issue.
  • In Aqua Veritas, LLC MTBE Primer (2003):  A technical paper on the fate, transport and remediation of MTBE, along with a brief comparison of MTBE with ethanol.
  • API/GSI Plume Study Summary (1998):  A nice summary of pretty much all the "plume-athon" studies out there.
  • Crude Oil Composition:  A draft document prepared by Environment Canada with a number of crude oil types and their compositions.  Good info for modeling studies.




Do you have some links?

If you know of some literature or web sites that you think would be of general (or specific) interest to the environmental community, and it doesn't happen to be copyrighted material, adverts for, uh, various Pfizer products and/or anything even remotely having to do with Justin Bieber, then by all means, let us know. If we like it, we'll post it here, with all credit due.

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