Constrain your site's future.

In Aqua Veritas, LLC provides state-of-the-art, one, two and three dimensional environmental modeling services.  All modeling is conducted by geologists with multi-year field experience. Groundwater flow and contaminant transport are not abstract concepts for us.

Featured Capabilities Include:

  • Groundwater Flow Modeling - Pump and slug test analysis; Capture zone evaluation; Hydraulic conductivity determinations.
  • Groundwater Fate and Transport Modeling - Simple analytical solutions to brutally complex 3-D multi-species evaluations with or without bio decay.
  • Vapor Modeling - Groundwater, soil and soil gas to indoor and outdoor air evaluations via ASTM standards.
  • RBCA Support Modeling - All manner of models specifically designed to support your RBCA and RBDM efforts.
  • Expert review of existing models.
  • Primary in-house platforms include: Visual ModFlow/MT3D/RT3D, WinFlow/WinTrans, RISC, Domenico's & Baetsle's Models, Johnson & Ettinger's vapor intrusion model.

IAV can provide support for the entirety of any modeling project, from identifying site characterization requirements and data gaps through report and/or data presentations to clients and regulators.


All models are wrong.

... a commonly heard statement usually followed by "but some are useful". Sounds dire. Groundwater models may never perfectly simulate reality, but for most sites, they don't need to. If "wrong" means to err on the side of fiscal and environmental conservatism, then maybe we have to cop to being "wrong". That said, we feel that ALL of our models, and not just some, are useful.

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