Outsource all of your modeling needs.

Established in 2002, In Aqua Veritas, LLC specializes in state-of-the-art environmental fate and transport modeling, RBCA and RNA evaluations, training, and site portfolio management services. Increase your competitive advantage and let us take care of these specialized services for you, leaving you free to run your environmental consulting business.

Featured services include:

  • Modeling:  IAV offers 1, 2 and 3-D groundwater fate and transport modeling, as well as soil and groundwater volatilization modeling.
  • Risk Based Corrective Action:  From simple exposure assessments to classic ASTM RBCA evaluations to complex risk assessments,  IAV has a solution to fit your site's requirements.
  • Remediation by Natural Attenuation:  RNA work scopes, strategies and effectiveness evaluations.  Bacteria WILL rule the planet one day (if they don't already).
  • In-YOUR House Technical Training Seminars:  Targeted training programs on any of the above, expedited site characterization methodologies and/or remediation techniques like AS/SVE, HVE and P&T.
  • Client and Regulatory Meeting Support.
  • Third Party ("cold eye") Document, Report and Project Technical Reviews.
  •  Expert Witness Services.

IAV's personnel have multi-year experience on both the technical and managerial sides of the environmental consulting business.  We understand that many of your sites won't need a lot of the stuff described above.  Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that your major clients won't demand experts in these fields for those sites that do.  Especially if the sites are big money, big liability affairs.  Well, now you can offer your clients these services if and when needed without having an in-house technical staff draining your margins the rest of the time.


Latin not your thing? Well....

For the classically challenged yet linguistically curious:  "In Aqua Veritas" is Latin for "In water, there is truth".  Any similarity between this and "in Vino Veritas" is strictly coincidental.

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